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stone bearers: the seer's stone


The village called Sukki a demon the day she was born, the child of the snake.


An unlucky chance child raised by her widowed aunt, Sukki would do anything to prove her place on her island. She can’t afford to entertain any dangerous daydreams or to listen to a foreign man who claims that she is a magical bearer and her visions predict the future.


But when she sees death spread through the island, Sukki can no longer stay silent. Even if it means she must become the demon and bearer the villagers fear most.

The Seer’s Stone is book one in a new high fantasy adventure series set in the same magical and exotic world as The Stone Bearers (2016) and The Queen’s Series (2017-2019).


Storms: a Tale of the little mermaid

I once thought I might kill a prince. In another glance, I thought I would marry him. But then came a day I never expected.


The day I would kill a god.

When Arianna freed the soul of the prince from a dark god and shattered the underworld, she assumed she could bring peace to the world above. But there are consequences to the powers she gained and a war brewing between the provinces that will require all her magic and heart.

To master her gifts and save her home, Ari climbs to the top of Olympus and fights a war with gods on either side.

STORMS is the conclusion to Depths and Graves, a darker twist on The Little Mermaid that borrows from Greek/Roman mythology and early Christianity.

Robin's Hood: a Tale of sherwood forest


Who is the girl under Robin’s Hood?

Orphaned at five and widowed at seventeen, Marian is the sole heir of an earldom. Her husband, Robin of Locksley, never returned from the crusades, leaving her at the mercy of the sheriff. He chooses her a new husband among his brutal lackeys and taxes her people to rags and starvation.

Marian is sidelined and powerless, but rumors spread of a charismatic thief who could change everything. Clever, brave, and strong, his followers claim that the hooded rogue is Robin’s spirit back from the grave.


Only Marian knows the truth. Her husband is dead, but under his hood, she could be invincible.

ROBIN’S HOOD is a gender-bent twist on the legends of Sherwood.

Marian's Man: a tale of Sherwood Forest

Book two

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