Author Services

Content Edit-$55 per 10k

I’m currently offering Content/Developmental editing services for fiction authors (plot structure, character arcs, theme, worldbuilding, etc). Perfect for new writers with their first book or pantsers who hate outlining/self-editing or anyone who thinks their book could use some more structure and development.


My Process: I will read your book straight through for my own initial impressions. Then I will likely email you to clarify anything I have questions on while I map the theme and the larger character/plot arcs (just to make sure my feedback matches what you were going for—I very much want to help you get YOUR vision for the story). After that is done, I will have a 6-10 page report for you on your book. It will have sections to give you some broader feedback on Plot, Characterization, Theme, and Writing Style. Then I will go back through your doc and add some more specific comments to help you implement some changes.


My notes are not meant to be unkind, but they will be thorough. Afterward, you are welcome to ask me questions and run ideas past me, if you think that would be useful. My clients are also welcome to return a manuscript to me with revisions for a discounted rate ($35 per 10k).

Professional Beta Read-$35 per 10k


If you are an experienced author with a more polished manuscript or a repeat customer, feel free to discuss with me the possibility of doing a professional beta read. With this edit, I will read through the manuscript only once and provide 2-4 pages of notes and minimal comments on the doc.

You may also use this option if you wish me to return a manuscript after making revisions.

While no editor can guarantee you will find an agent or reach a certain level of sells in self-publishing, I want your book to succeed and will do my best to help you with your goals. :)

My favorite genres: Fantasy/sci-fi, romance, historical or any kind of YA or Upper MG. I do not accept manuscripts with detailed sex scenes (interrupted or fade-to-black okay, especially with established/married couples) or heavy swearing.


This is for completed manuscripts only. If you are traditional publishing, this edit comes after a few beta readers and before querying. If you are self-publishing, this comes after a few beta reads and before a grammar-based copy-edit and/or proofread.

I prefer Word Documents, 12pt, double-spaced.

Contact me for booking or any other questions you might have (

$50.00 deposit is required upon booking. This is nonrefundable. The remaining cost will be due prior to final delivery. Delay of payment could mean delay of service. I will not share your edits or manuscript with anyone.

Ask me about my discounts for direct referrals!!!


Ruth Owen, Future Author

Jacque did an awesome job and made me feel super enthusiastic about diving into revisions. I especially loved how she asked about the theme and then took it into account when suggesting adjustments to character arcs. That really helped me. I highly recommend her.

Rachel John, Romance Author

Jacque Stevens was so thorough and professional. She got right to the heart of my weaknesses in writing without attempting to change my style. I felt much better prepared to tackle revisions after reading and rereading both her overview letter and in-line comments. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a developmental edit.

Emily Barton, Future Author

I have had several beta readers that all presented the same ideas of what I needed to change with my book, but Jacque’s review really broke down the why and even the how of suggested changes.  She helped me recognize the mistakes while also pointing out the positives.  She gave me real direction and guidance in such a way that it left me excited, hopeful and ready to get to work.