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the queen's heir: A STONE BEARERS novel(book three)


Going home makes everything harder.


After being hunted by humans and transformed into a demonic creature called a drow, Drynn believes his family will be safer in the forest. Problem is, more drow are waiting for them there.When his brother is taken by the same drow who burned his home, Drynn is told that he needs the ashes of the phoenix to defeat them. It only would require him to return to the human kingdom and all the dangers he thought he left behind.

But when he discovers that his brother has been forced to join the ranks of the drow, it seems they may have already run out of time.


The Queen’s Heir is the direct sequel to The Queen’s Opal (2017), and The Queen’s Gift (2018), a new series set the same world as The Stone Bearers (2016).

Book no.1
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