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the queen's gift: A STONE BEARERS novel
(book two)

It seemed like a simple plan.

After leaving the elven homeland in the forest, Drynn was called as a magical avatar—a bearer. He now wants to learn all about magic and so does his new human friend. Drynn also wants to discover the remaining mysteries behind his mother’s curse and so does his elder brother. The human wizards seem ready to help them. Going with them to the Wizard Tower seems the obvious solution.

But even Drynn’s most trusted human friend is keeping secrets enough to make the Tower a waiting death trap. If Drynn is going to survive in the human world he might have to embrace a darker part of himself—something that could destroy everything he hoped to gain.

The Queen’s Gift is the direct sequel of The Queen’s Opal (2017), in a new high fantasy adventure series set in the same magical and exotic world as The Stone Bearers (2016).


Book no.1
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