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the queen's bane: A STONE BEARERS novel
(book four)


Wizards and drow are set to ravage the world between them, just as they had in the past.

As Drynn travels back to the forest, rumors of drow haunt his steps. His brother may have killed a wizard, leading many, even among his friends, to demand his death in return. Desperate for another solution, Drynn is relieved to discover that another bearer has been called, Princess Josalene. She moves with a confidence Drynn lacks, calling an army to her side and making herself the Queen of Kalum.

She has a solution for the drow problem as well. Instead of killing them, she will pull enough magic together to recreate the dome and imprison the drow. But such a large source of magic must come from somewhere and Josalene seems ready to do anything to get what she wants.

Will this new bearer bring balance to the coming war or create even more chaos?

The Queen’s Bane is the direct sequel to The Queen’s Opal (2017), The Queen’s Gift (2017), and The Queen’s Heir (2018), a new series set the same world as The Stone Bearers (2016).

Book no.1
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