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FAIRY RING: prince of Janderelle


Sixteen-year-old Livy’s best friends are no longer fairies.


She even had a real date try to kiss her on the front porch. But when some of her old visions resurface to cause chaos in the real world again, it seems the only way to protect her new life is to close all doors to the fairy world and convince its so-called prince to return home.


Prince Kaito would do anything for Livy, but she knows nothing of his past. Returning to the mental health facilities and group homes his adoptive mother committed him to in the real world seems a fate worse than death.But can his heart survive alone in the fairy realm without ever seeing Livy or another living human again?

The final gateway is closing.

Prince of Janderelle is the third book in the Fairy Ring series.

Book no.1
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