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graves: a tale of the Little Mermaid


Behind all my training and searching, I knew this day would come. That I would rescue my sisters from the graves and devils of their past, and we would be a family again.


Human again.

When Arianna destroyed the shrine to her old god, she thought she was free to build a new life in the human world. But controlling her new powers and navigating her relationships isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. Her sisters might be the only ones who can truly understand. They are also haunted by their pasts, unable to move on from the graves they left behind as sirens.


To help her sister atone for her past, Ari re-awakens the dark god she pushed aside and travels to the world of the dead.

GRAVES is the direct sequel to Depths, a darker twist on The Little Mermaid that borrows from Greek/Roman mythology and early Christianity.

Book no.1
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