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The Journey Continues: First Contract

I made some updates on here in my WIP and About pages. If you haven’t heard the news there or on my other social networks, here is the highlight: my djinni book (retitled Stone Bearers) is going to be published. Finally got some time to post the whole story: After getting some interest from agents and contests but no clear offers, I sent out a few queries to a couple small presses. Then I changed focus, drafting a new stand-alone (my fairy book). This book also got some agent and contest attention, but I was getting discouraged with how slow everything was moving. I had six books written and invested so much time into each project that it just seemed that something should be published by now! As if in answer to that, I got my first bite from a small press, but further investigation of that particular press led me to believe that self-publishing was the way to go. I started the process, doing everything but committing money to an independent cover artist, when I got another offer in December. Actually, I got two offers, but eventually decided on Future House as my publisher. It seemed “made to be” as I found friend of a friend connections with staff members and their authors and appreciated their enthusiasm for the series. I even met one of their editors at church the week before getting the first email (though this editor now tells me she hadn’t made the connection and had nothing to do with my novel being selected). Now we are in the editing process and I am a stress case, fighting about things that probably don’t matter and trying to get through it. They’ve been working with me and I think the finished project will be worth reading if you feel so inclined. My family and close friends are, of course, required to buy ten copies each. The pitch/blurb is with the rest of WIPs still and I will post more updates as I have them. All I know for sure is that the book will be titled Stone Bearers and the ebook will be out in March. I will also be trying to post a few more book reviews on here. First on my list is my friend Rachel’s book, then I want to do a few from my publisher. I know I am not the best reviewer of published books (I’m better at giving highly detailed, critical type critiques) but these authors deserve their kudos and I want to do the best I can!

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