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STONE BEARERS: Who should read?

This being my first book and since I chose a smaller press for my publisher, I know a lot of people who read and recommend this book in the first go-round will be doing it because they know me and want to support me. THANK YOU! But I have a diverse group of friends and that this book is not going to appeal to everyone. Or, put in another way, I like a lot of different kinds of books, but often appreciate knowing what to expect beforehand. If the book meets or exceeds my expectations, great, if it is not what I was expecting, I can think more negatively of it, even if the story is still objectively fine. So here are some things to expect and how I would categorize my book for those wishing to read it or recommend it to others: Content: A main character struggles with a dependence on alcohol. There are references to a rape that occurred many years before. Some lesser unhealthy relationship-type issues are present. Some action/violence. Some characters die. No graphic content of any kind. No language. Some themes in discrimination/tolerance/self-acceptance . . . some of a slightly religious nature (fantasy greek-esque religion based in the world magic-system). Anyway, I would give it a PG movie rating and would give it to my mature eleven year old niece (with her parents’ permission), but probably not much younger than that—if not because of content, then because of some complexity in the writing/world-building. The main characters are 15 and 18, so along with content geared to that age group, expect the characters to . . . act their age. :P Genre: This is a high fantasy book with fairy tale elements. As such, expect to visit exotic places, but do not expect anything to be historically accurate or perfectly represent one culture. This is not historical fiction. My characters have a more modern voice as they are meant to be part of a more modern society despite their technology (they use magic to supplement some things, so it made since to me that they would not see the need to develop some things past a certain point). Expect lots of magic—epic style world-building with a bit of a learning curve and a lot of characters to meet at the beginning. Expect a lot of traditional races/creatures and fairytale troops/references slightly tweaked and aged from Disney. Some humor. Some action. Some romance. Schoolyard drama/angst . . . all that fun stuff. It really is a quick and dirty glimpse of my fantasy world, so if you wish background things were expanded more, well . . . me too! Help share it so my publisher will let me write more books! :) Books/shows similar to my book (at least in subject): Goose Girl (Bayern books) by Shannon Hale, Bartimaeus Trilogy by Jonathan Stroud, Demon King (Seven Realms) by Cinda Chima, Harry Potter (books 3-5 when they’re a bit older), Avatar: The Last Airbender, etc. That along with the blurb, reviews, and first chapters posted on Amazon should give you a pretty good idea if this is the right book for you and your loved ones. The giveaway is still going on, so share away.

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