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Chapter 14 Kit jumped at crickets while they walked, ducking through the grass.

I have fan art! This is Kit, as drawn by my ultra talented niece Angela. I love how she got his thorned tail. Not to mention how CUTE he is (don't tell him I said that, dragonets hate being called cute). Dragonets are the guardian creatures to the Bearer of Truth/Knowledge. They are telepathic and have a hive mind, leading to the belief that they know EVERYTHING. But they are so small that things like doorknobs can be a real challenge. Vernack, Kit's father, was the first character I created as an elementary student and I kept sticking him in books until he found a permanent home in the Stone Bearers universe. If the series is expanded, you will see a lot more of him. In Stone Bearers, Kit is a hatching who has not yet been given a human companion. He doesn't even want one, making him a bit of an oddball. He has begged various bearers to make him larger and when asked what he would do if that wish was granted, he answers "Save maidens, slay knights, heroic stuff like that." Does Kit achieve his dreams for greatness? Find out in The Stone Bearers.

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