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Working on a short story for the Stone Bearers universe, and I just finished the first draft! This story will be featured in an Anthology by Future House introducing several different fantasy worlds written by their authors. It will also be available here as free content for those who choose to sign up for the email newsletter, which will just give me an opportunity to reach out and tell interested parties directly when there is a new release--free or otherwise. When the idea was first presented to me, I was a bit hesitant, simply because I'm used to writing epic-sized novels. But I was willing to try. It was suggested that I write some backstory for one of the lessor characters of Stone Bearers (which is exactly how Stone Bearers started, I wanted to write an single volume backstory of a full series I was drafting... so this is the backstory of the backstory??) and my sister said she was particularly interested in seeing how the guardian animals were chosen. Enter Camm, the guardian animal of Passion and Persuasion. In Stone Bearers, his current bearer is Danith--a flamboyant but mysterious member of the royal family. Camm is a doppelganger. When he was asked by Bearer Diana what animal he used to be, he said "algae" but that might not be the full story. Would you like the full story? Stay tuned for the release of The Frog's Princess.

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