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Reviews: Summer Book Trek Part 3 (Bonus Round)

I set a goal for six novels for the summer reading trek, and I’m happy to report that I read nine—most from the sponsored reading list. Here are the final three:


This was a different sort of read for me! I started it once, but then I put it down because the beginning had block style description and dialogue that made me think it might be a chore to read—signs of a less experienced writer. But I soon realized that while unconventional, James has a voice all his own. I have met a few authors now, but I don’t always hear the author’s voice dripping from the book so much as I did here. I could just see how much fun he was having through his characters’ slap stick actions and forays into philosophy and it's hard not to get swept in and carried along for ride. If he ever does decide to make aspects of his writing more approachable with a more modern style and depth to the side characters/world building, I could easily see James writing a masterpiece of literature. As it is, this debut was fun and thought provoking. I look forward to more.


I got this book for free after making a connection with the author in a beta group. I downloaded it and read it in about 2-3 hours. It’s a super quick read! The story is a nice escape, a modern Cinderella story. It was cute and I really enjoyed it.

There is something to be said of a simple story that gives you a fun escape, but I would have liked a bit more substance at times—depth to the characters and a stronger conflict.

It seems to be leading to a sequel where I would love to see a bit more growth beyond the fairytale set-up!


Okay, I loved this one. It has to be my favorite of the trek because it had both a compelling style and a well-executed premise. The girl hears demons in her school and they are so believable—creepy believable. And while that’s a great fantasy aspect which first caught my attention, what I liked more was that it didn’t overwhelm the story, it was simply a catalyst. You also got great characters and a mystery to solve that kept the plot moving.

The ending was a bit rushed to me, but there were so many aspects of this book I liked! It was thought-provoking, it was funny, it had moments of tense action and it had a real ending. This is my first time reading something from this author and it won’t be the last.

I had so much fun discovering these new authors and I hope you enjoyed my efforts to review them. My reviews might be more spaced out as life continues, but I promise there will be more. :)

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