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Stone Bearers: Mordin

Chapter 36

"A wave of fire swept through his veins and his eyes flashed open. He lay flat on his back, rain spilling over him. He turned to his side. The blue-glassed bottle lay capsized on the grass. He pushed it away with a mumbled curse, the picture of a passed-out drunk on the ground. A drunk who had freed a demon."

Stone Bearers reached 80 reviews on Amazon this weekend, so as promised, I am going to share some early sketches of Mordin. Here he is in all his princely glory.

Mordin’s name is a combination of Aladdin and Merlin. The Aladdin reference should be obvious to anyone who has read the prologue of Stone Bearers or even just looked at the picture of this post. The Merlin reference not so much. That’s because it actually has nothing to do with the story anymore. After I finished my first Stone Bearers book (currently unpublished), I was trying DESPERATELY to write a completely separate standalone. One idea was to do a King Arthur story with Merlin being a sort of djinni character—the original Mordin. But as the ideas progressed, I ended up pairing him with Ashira and moving them into my Stone Bearers world. So basically, I failed. :P

But Mordin also has another name.

(Advert your eyes if you haven’t read Stone Bearers and don’t want the mid-point spoiled).




- -


This name is given to Mordin by Ashira after he becomes a djinni and loses his memory. It fits as a shortened form of djinni, but also ended up building into another aspect of Mordin’s character. He’s a drunk, and he becomes Jin in a bottle because I am JUST that clever/cheesy.

Anyways, as a drunk, Mordin is a more cynical character. He doesn’t think much of magic or love before getting trapped. His motive for becoming the djinni is to free his brother from a “love spell.” He learns a bit more as time goes on, along with his perfect foil—Ashira.

Want my pics of her? Well, I have some.

I’ll share them with the world when we get to the 90s. :)

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