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Review Policy

I am going to post some more review here, but I’m not soliciting for books to review. If you are a reader friend and you honestly have a recommendation on something you think I would enjoy, that’s great, but if you are an author recommending your own book or something of that nature, I want to shy away from that.

Though I’m a teen fantasy author who reads a lot of teen fantasy, I don’t want to give the appearance of direct review swapping (which is highly unethical) and really, designated author reviews work better when the reviewer can positively GUSH about your book in a creative way. That’s not me. I will be fair, and point out what I love, but I’m too analytically-minded even of my own stuff to positively GUSH about much of anything.

Don’t worry though! I have no trouble finding more books I genuinely want to read, and with how my time is divided, I couldn’t commit to taking tons of requests anyway.

In an effort to keep my blog positive, I will only talk about books when I have something positive to say, when I would recommend them to others. Sorry, but I know enough authors personally and have written enough myself that I can’t just post a review without thinking of the author behind it (even if that author is so big that they would never see my review anyway). If they were my critique partner, I wouldn’t hold back, but once they’re published, they deserve to be praised or politely passed over to be praised by a more appropriate audience. At least in a public setting like this. I still reserve the right to rant privately to my family and friends after reading a REALLY bad, not-for-me book. :P

I read mostly fantasy and teen novels of all genres, but I branch out occasionally. I don’t read erotica or overly graphic content.

Here is the Rating System:

5-stars- I loved it and would recommend it.

4-stars- I liked it and would recommend it with a few more reservations. Or it might be a book that was extremely well done, but just a mismatch for me personally.

3-stars- A mismatch for me, but I still would recommend it to an appropriate audience. Not terrible, but more meh or average than awesome.

1-2 stars will not be featured on my blog.


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