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Cover Reveal: Depths

I'm so excited to start posting about Depths, a Little Mermaid story in the spirit of Winter Falls. The stories are not connected, but are darker versions of the fairy tales and should appeal to a similar audience.

Here is the blurb:

I always knew this day would come. That just as my hair lengthened and my curves formed, I would make the transition from girl to woman.

To siren.

Arianna is the youngest daughter of a siren. To become a siren herself, she must kill a man and sacrifice his heart to the God of the Deep. But she never expected to be assigned to kill a prince or to fall in love with him.

Torn between her family and her new love, Ari must decide what lies in the depths of her soul.

DEPTHS is a darker twist on The Little Mermaid that borrows from Greek/Roman mythology and early Christianity.

Do you want to write a book with me?

The early draft of Depths is debuting on Wattpad. With a free account, you can read and make comments on the book as you go.

I will add new chapters every month until it is completed and leave the unedited draft up until the finalized version is published. If you make a comment in every chapter (either a quick reaction or a critique) I will list you as an official beta reader/critique partner in the acknowledgements of the final release. If I get good participation, I might do it again for another book in the future.

If you ever wished you could yell at a character (or an author) and get a response, this is your chance!

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