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A New Threat (6/4/20)

Our heroes are about to face their biggest challenge yet . . . Howl’s mom.

No, that isn’t actually Howl’s mom.

That’s Marie Antoinette, most famous for saying “Let them eat cake” (she most likely didn’t actually say that) and getting her head cut off. But as the most famous French noblewoman at the time of the revolution, she helped influence the creation of the countess.

The second influence on her character is, of course, from the Beauty and the Beast story. There is a bit more shown in the original tale than Disney has. When our happy couple is about to marry, the former-beast’s mother returns out of nowhere and is very upset that her royal son is going to marry a commoner.

So how is that going to play out in my wolf version of the story? You’ll have to wait until next week to find out, but I have a free chapter on my blog now if you would like a sneak peek.

And yes, we’ll FINALLY get more background on Howl’s wolf mother (the silver wolf enchantress) as well. :)

Thank you!


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