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All the fairytales!!!

The fairytales I have coming this year will be loosely branded with my first fairytale story, Winter Falls, and come under the heading of HighTower Fairytales:

What are HighTower Fairytales? HighTower Fairytales lean more toward the original sources (NOT Disney) with rich semi-historical settings. They have magic. They have scary monsters. And, most importantly, they have unique and complex characters who are trying hard to improve themselves. They also include plenty of humor and all the heroes marry their prince/princess charming and live happily after at the end! Basically, these stories meant to inspire, but have a very difficult and occasionally dark tower to climb. They are conservatively marked at 14+ and are appropriate for teens and young adults. Currently these stories include: Winter Falls: A Tale of the Snow Queen (2017) Cry Wolf: A Tale of Beauty and the Beast (2020) Depths: A Tale of the Little Mermaid (2020) And more on the way!

Great! I want to read them ALL!

Yay! I’m hoping most of you already had the chance to read Winter Falls, and the next one out will be Cry Wolf. More details on the way!!!

But what about Stone Bearers?

The Queen’s Series is complete. All the ebooks are out and I will continue to push them into other formats such as paperback and audio. And later on, I do plan on doing at least one more 5-book series in this world and some other epic novels, but it might take me a couple years (1-3) to get to that point. I hope to use the lessons I learn branding my fairytales and apply it to these type of stories down the road, it just needs to happen one at a time and epics take longer to write!

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

But what about Fairy Ring?

The final Book of the Fairy Ring trilogy is complete, as of now. There are no plans to continue with any more books of this type at this time, but never say never!

Thank you!


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