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Happy Release Day!! (Wolf In Sheep's Clothing)

Today is the day!! Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is finally here.

This book picks up right where the last one left off. I never really talked about the inspirations for this one, and that is because it’s harder to do that without spoiling parts of Cry Wolf.

So, if you’re behind in your reading and extremely spoiler adverse, LOOK AWAY!!

But I’m assuming you all know at least the Disney version of the story and that our beast SHOULD be cured, and our happy couple SHOULD be on their way to married bliss.

But what if your “beast” was a werewolf who never wanted to be cured, who only did it to please his new bride? And what if his curse had already been spread to someone else? Who would be left to rouse the villagers and fight the monster?

Taking those two starting premises, Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing goes on to flip the old story completely on its head. The “Gaston” character and the Cured Beast switch positions and the result is both hilarious and devastating . . .

Here's a fun sample chapter if you just can't wait!

To celebrate release day, Cry Wolf AND Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing will be 99c each through the end of the month. We have this giveaway and a Facebook party with spotlights and giveaways from other authors going on RIGHT NOW.

Please feel free to share the word with anyone who could use a fun distraction. :)

And just another quick reminder that the Enchanted Kingdoms Boxset has a special deal going on right now. Anyone who preorders the boxset from Barnes and Noble/nook March 23-29th can go to our website to claim a free download code from some of our authors!

Queen’s Opal, Queen’s Gift, and Winter Falls are in the lineup, but there are many other fabulous choices. This offer is exclusive for that week and for preorders from Barnes and Noble, but really, even if nook isn’t your preferred format, 99c for the audiobook alone is a great deal!

Thank you!


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