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My Cute Mom (Lone Wolf)

I'm Back! (5/28/20)

And while we were on a “Spring Cleaning” break from these emails, we had Mother’s Day and my birthday, so I think it is only appropriate that I share with you how cute my mom is. Not only does she read all my books (even the scary ones—sorry Mom), but she likes to find me jewelry for my birthday matching some of my new releases.

It started with Queen’s Opal, where she was SO excited to find someone on Esty who could make something like the stone that Drynn carries:

Then it was the fish (her favorite cover) and now, the scary wolf and the cute little sheep:

So thanks for being awesomesause Mom (she gets these emails too) and yeah, you might want to cover your eyes for the next one . . . :P

Next Month:

The third and fourth books of the Cry Wolf will be released to complete the series, and I’ll get to introduce you to Howl’s bio-mom (the countess).

More details on the way!

I’m also just in time to announce that the Enchanted Kingdoms Boxset (which will include my version of Robin Hood) is up for preorder now on apple/ibook as well as Barnes and Noble/nook. With this set, each new platform comes with its own set exclusive of bonuses. So, if you preorder it on apple THIS WEEKEND, you will get the chance to get Lone Wolf before anyone else, along with a list of other books from the authors in the set.

This is a story I wrote as a bonus for the Cry Wolf series and it tells the story of the first book from Howl’s perspective. I plan to include it when I put up the whole series in a boxset, and eventually I plan to share it with all you lovely people on my email list too, but this is your chance to get it early.

All profit from this boxset is going to Puzzle Piece (an Autism Charity).

Thank you!



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