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Ode to John (Audio Books)

Things are a bit crazy right now, aren’t they? So far, I don’t personally know anyone hurt directly by the virus, but I know a lot of people staying home and altering their schedules to help with prevention.

I work at a group home as a nurse.  We are doing the best we can to make sure our delicate population stays healthy, and I have accepted a few extra shifts to meet that goal. I figure there is still a need for uplifting entertainment too, so I’m pressing forward here as well, but my prayers are with anyone who is struggling.

Listen Up!

Taking a brief pause from Cry Wolf to tell you about something else I’ve been working on. I’m about halfway through edits for the audio edition of Queen’s Heir. It might be fun to break down how that whole process works someday, but I’ll just tell you for now that Drynn, Tayvin, and Kol are once again being brought to life by the amazing John Pirhalla.

He’s such a good narrator and has been so supportive of the series. I don’t know how I conned him into working for my tiny budget but I’m so grateful.

And you should hear his drow (evil scary elf) voice!

This one should be all wrapped up in another month. That should give you plenty of time to catch up on the first two audiobooks in the series if you feel so inclined. ;)

And if you love audio books, we have a special deal coming up for the Enchanted Kingdom Boxset. Anyone who preorders the boxset from Barnes and Noble/nook March 23-29th can go to our website to claim a free download code from one of the following audible books from some of our authors!

You’ll see Queen’s Opal, Queen’s Gift, and Winter Falls in the lineup, but there are many other fabulous choices. This offer is exclusive for that week and for preorders from Barnes and Noble, but really, even if nook isn’t your preferred format, 99c for the audiobook alone is a great deal!

And just one more quick reminder that Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing is releasing next week. I love all my book babies, but I am super proud of how this one turned out and I’m so excited to share it with all of you. Cry Wolf is still 99c, we have this giveaway going on, and there will be a party on my Facebook page all day on the 26th to celebrate.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ THE FULL ARC you have a few more days to get signed up. Since I am using StoryOrigin now and have to approve all the signups, I am going to go ahead and share that link—just realize that I will only be approving those who sent me the link to their review of Cry Wolf or posted those links directly to StoryOrigin.

I’m not trying to censor anyone; I just want to make sure the books are sent out in the right order and go to those who intend on reading them. :)

Thank you!


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