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Race to Robin Hood

Okay, so we established that a lot of fairytales are coming. The first two (Cry Wolf and Depths) had early drafts released in multiauthor boxsets, so now I am just releasing them on their own and adding all the sequels.

So yeah, it’s gonna sound like a ton (and it is!) but they are shorter books and most are already drafted, so I think it will work out just fine.

Here is the current schedule and you can click around if you want more details on any of the stories:

Cry Wolf (Beauty and the Beast Retelling):

When her father is killed on a wolf hunt, Isabelle strikes out on her own to face the dreaded beast and finds things are not what they seem.

Previously published Aug. 2019 in the Mirror and Roses Anthology

Mar. 12th Preorder Now

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (Beauty and the Beast Sequel):

After inadvertently stripping her fiancé’s powers, Isabelle is hunted by a new wolf.

Mar. 26 Preorder Now

Depths (Little Mermaid Retelling)

When her family of deadly sirens order Arianna to sacrifice the heart of a mortal prince, she must decide what lies in the depths of her soul.

Previously published Mar. 2019 in the Salt and Sirens Anthology.

Apr. 23 Preorder Now

Between Dog and Wolf (Beauty and the Beast Sequel)

Torn between the world of wolves and men, Isabelle must decide her future.

June 11 Preorder Now

Wolves at Bay (Beauty and the Beast Short)

A dark secret might shatter Isabelle's happy ending in this short story set after the CRY WOLF series.

June 25th Preorder Now

Graves (Little Mermaid Sequel)

While attempting to help her sisters adjust to being human, Arianna reawakens their dark god and finds herself trapped within his realm.

Sept. 24th Preorder Now

Robin's Hood (Legends of Sherwood Retelling)

After her husband, Robin of Locksley, is reported dead in the crusades, Marian puts on his hood to fight against the Sherriff and his men.

I have high hopes of squeezing in another book or two in between Graves and Robin’s Hood, but nothing solid yet. RH is set because it has actually been a project of mine for a while and has only been delayed to fit into another multiauthor Fairytale Anthology. In this one, all the authors picked a different fairytale and all the profit is going to an Autism Charity called Puzzle Piece.

If you preorder it from nook now, you’ll get a bonus cookbook with recipes inspired by all the stories. It will be on Amazon later in the preorder window, but this is your only chance to get that particular bonus.

Here is that cover. You can sort of see Robin Hood there one the spine (Lucky Number 13). ;)

So that is all the fairytales I have firm dates on right now. More should be on the way, until we're all so sick of fairytales that I will have to run back to my elves screaming. Lol

Thank you!


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