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Snowed In (and a new release)

I grew up in Arizona, so even though I’ve spent the last few years in Utah, it's hard to convince me to leave the house if there is any snow on the ground. And there has been a lot of snow on the ground the last few months! It’s all cold and slippery and just not nice!!

But the good news here is that I have gotten lots of projects done, typing away at my computer box. For those of you that haven’t seen the final book of the Fairy Ring series has released and is now available on Amazon as both an ebook and paperback.

You can also get the full trilogy together in one ebook if you would prefer.

I’ve had so much fun writing these stories, based on my love of fantasy and my real-life experiences as a mental health nurse. But now that the series has been completed, I’ll be changing gears a bit, using the next year to more rapid release a lot of the fairytales I have been storing up. That will likely mean a lot more emails from me this year than in years past, but I will try to make it fun.

And give you more cute pictures like this one:

Because Syrus Puppy, unlike me, loves the snow. I feel like a bad person for leaving him out there, but he’s so sad when I make him come in…



Deals from Other Authors:

I read in this cute short story from a few of my new friends. It’s clean and I loved the banter between the characters. They have it at 99c on Amazon or free to email subscribers right now, so check it out if you're looking for something fun!

Thank you!


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