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World-wide Fast

I’ve mostly wanted to keep my emails coronavirus free because it’s EVERYWHERE and it’s depressing, but I also wanted to use whatever platform I had to reach out and invite any likeminded individuals to join me in a world-wide day of fasting and prayer tomorrow—on Good Friday.

In my area, the situation is still relatively mild, but I’m a nurse at a group home for children with developmental and cognitive delays. Right now, none of them have any symptoms of the virus, but they are at high risk. Other similar facilities nearby have had outbreaks and even a few deaths. So, I will be praying specifically for them and would be glad to add others to my personal list if anyone would like to reach out to me via email or whatever (all the links are below).

Coming up next:

We are leaving the wolves and diving under the sea with my dark retelling of The Little Mermaid. More details will follow, but this book features some deadly sirens and is inspired by Greek and Roman mythology.

The ARCs are already available, and I’ll keep Winter Falls discounted for at least the next week. I’m not really advertising the sale anywhere else, but I just wanted to keep at least one of my books discounted throughout this whole thing if people need the distraction.

My group with the boxset also has this giveaway going on for Autism Awareness this month (since the charity we’re supporting with the set is an Autism charity). You don’t have to purchase anything to enter this one, you just have to share.

Thank you!


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